Dumping Grease Illegally In Tennessee

As a business that cares about the environment, it is important we dump our refuse or waste properly. Southern Grease Company is a company that set up contracts with other companies throughout the states of Tennessee and Kentucky to dispose of their FOGS (fats, oils, and grease) in a proper manner.

FOGpicBecause FOGS can be detrimental to the environment, they cannot be dumped into the ground. Dumping takes special disposal methods. Southern Grease Company agreed to collect the FOGS from several companies to alleviate them of that burden. However, Southern Grease Company collected the FOGS and them illegally in the city’s sewer system which then had a ripple effect and caused blockage and obstructions. Southern Grease Company admitted to these allegations. They also admitted that they provided false information to the EPA itself regarding the disposal of the waste. At the end of 2014 the government had fined Southern grease Company of over $390,000 from this action.

There are many stories just like this one. Companies must research and abide by the EPA’s guidelines or they will come after you. China has polluted their air and water so much there are areas that have toxic levels of smog and dangerous poisonous water. It is up us to become responsible for our own actions. We take resources from the earth to survive, we should also care for her for future generations.

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