Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

We all know accidents can happen…But what can you do to lessen this age-old saying?

Let’s look at the facts!

How much does the average slip fall cost? the answer is $22,800 per incident and the average workers’ compensation claim is $19,000.

The annual direct cost of occupational injures due slips in North America is estimated to exceed 11 billions dollars.

There are over 540,000 slip injures a year that require hospital care and are the number one cause of accidents that occur in Hotels, Restaurants, and Public Buildings.

According to OSHA, slips and falls account for roughly 15% of all accidental deaths.

So how do you help prevent these from happening you might wonder.

Slips and Trips

  1. Clean up spills immediately, if it cannot be cleaned up right away place a “wet floor” sign.
  2. Keep walkways clear of debris and cords.
  3. Keep desk drawers, cabinets closed when not in use.
  4. Replace burnt out bulbs promptly.
  5. Consider replacing worn flooring, wrinkled carpets, loose tiles.
  6. Encourage workers to wear slip resistant closed toed shoes.

Always remember that a safe place for your workers and customers should be your number one priority!

If you need help setting up a comprehensive plan to take care of any of the above issues give Enviro USA a call at 866-564-1414.



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