7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Company to Handle Your Janitorial and Maintenance Needs

  1. To make a good impression– If your building has dirty floors, dust everywhere and not well maintained then your customers are less likely to shop there. You want people to walk in and pay attention to what you are selling not how dirty things are. Remember you always want to put your best foot forward.
  1. Health Risks– A office or retail space is a breeding ground for germs, one sick worker or shopper can create a massive chain reaction, which leads to employees being less productive or worse having to take sick both of which impact your businesses profit. According to studies dirty air ducts, office equipment, even the break room refrigerator can cause illness in employees.
  1. Increased Morale of employees– Employees tend to work harder and enjoy coming to work more when their work space is clean. When everything looks clean and smells great, the morale of employees goes up, they are more proud to call your company home. More morale = sales going up.
  1. More time for Business– Hiring a company to take care of your janitorial or maintenance needs means more time to focus on your company. Why worry yourself if a bathroom stall is dirty or a light bulb is blown? Have someone take care of all these details for you.
  1. Attention to detail– A professional cleaner has been trained to pay attention to every detail when cleaning to make sure everything is done to perfection. No one wants streaky windows or unfinished dusting. They know what materials, equipment are correct for the job at hand.
  1. Cost Effective– Having a company handle cleaning for you means less time your employees are on the clock attempting to keep things clean, when their time could be better spent making sales or talking to customers.
  1. Emergencies– Having a company that handles all of your janitorial and maintenance needs also means having someone with a quick response time during an emergency. What happens if a toilet overflows and your carpet is soaking wet? You want a one stop one call and it gets done kind of service rather than searching through the phone book to find someone who might charge you hundreds to thousands of dollars just to come out there.

Give Enviro USA a call at 866-564-1414 to help you create a comprehensive plan for your company!


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