Take Time to Rest. You will find new inspiration!

The first quarter of 2016 rolled out like a freight train on fire for our sales team. The goals that we set for our selves on Jan 1st of 2015 were all coming true so rapidly that we were in disbelief for the first 60 days.  Jumping from one RFP event to the next we were having to turn down huge RFP events left and right because we simply could not attend all the bid walks that fast.  If even one fourth of the contracts are awarded in the fourth quarter of this year our company will change over night.

Two times of year matter in the bidding wars. The first quarter and the third. The first quarter is when the RFP waves hit back to back. If you can catch your breath and stay out at sea long enough you will have the chance to bid on these RFP events in rapid succession.

When our estimators arrive we often see the same top three companies right there next to us. We know them well as we have often been the sub running their contracts in the past with no credit at the 2nd tier level on many occasions.

Is it a gamble to try for our own contracts directly? You bet your bottom dollar it is!  You risk pissing off the giants.  So you may just ask yourself why come to the big leagues now to compete against the best? Because we have two things that the bigger companies never saw coming.

One is strategic positioning of assets from both direct and indirect contracts in over 48 states and two countries. Places like Butte, Montana and New York City and Lafayette, Louisiana. In both big and small towns we have teams ready to go when called upon. That vast network took two decades to build. That network is like having a giant slumbering and  just waiting to be called upon for the day it is needed.

Two is Loyalty. These assets have endured much at our side and we have rewarded them with assistance for many struggles that they have endured such as funds to rebuild after fires and much more. That loyalty took two decades to build and has come into play from Dallas, Texas all the way to New York at 3 am in the morning.

Fast nickels and slow dimes has built this company from its humble beginnings and with over 40 Million dollars worth of RFP events attended in the first quarter I can honestly say that now would be a great time to take a break and catch our breath before the contracts are awarded in the 4th quarter to the winning teams. So at this juncture all we can do is wait and pray. May the best teams win…


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