Is Your Air Clean?

th[4]We like to think that our air is clean, even when we sweep and dust and vacuum. But how can we be sure? There are several ways to purify your air without hurting your budget.

Be sure to change your filters regularly (most people know that) One to three months is usually the time frame.

While you are in your attic, inspect your duct work. If any outside air is coming through your system it can not only clog your filter faster and blow dirty air into your building, but it also can cause your system to run harder and less effectively. So, any large holes need to be taped up with air duct tape.

If you don’t want to crawl through your attic space, contract someone to do it for you. They are trained to spot even tiny holes and the technology available today is better than an eye can spot. (This costs a lot more than doing it yourself, so prepare to pay)

As long as there are not huge holes, the contractor can blow an adhesive into your ducts to seal them. It’s really an amazing process and the results are even better.

So, if you are tired of living with dirty air or have breathing complications and want to increase your standard of living, follow those easy steps and you will feel better in no time!




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