Flooding in the South East

On March 11, 2016 there were massive reports of flooding in the southeast including Little rock AR, Memphis TN, Northern MS and so on. Roads were blocked causing traffic to be rerouted elsewhere and stranding some people. The massive storm took the city and county municipalities a massive amount of time and effort helping the citizens.

Homes to the north of Memphis TN were inundated, prompting the Memphis Fire Department to send boats to carry out rescues for residents trapped there. According to the Commercial Appeal, boat rescues began at 7:30 a.m. and were completed by 8:50. It’s not immediately clear how many rescues were carried out, but at least 25 homes were impacted around the Memphis area.

Dozens of roads were flooded, stranding cars throughout the metro area. The county said more than 30 people were rescued from their vehicles near Mountain Terrace. At one point, WMC Action News reported that a van full of children and a school bus with children aboard were both stuck in high water, but those vehicles were not stranded for long. (wunderblog.com)

Schools closed throughout several counties the following day and many let out early on March 10th.  Damage of roads and some buildings have occurred. and a shelter was opened for people who were displaced. The rain is said to continue to March 14th.

Just south of the state border, DeSoto County, Mississippi, also suffered from flooding.

Gov. Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency Thursday night for the area, according to the Associated Press.


For those of you who are able, any help will make a difference.




Written By,

Scottye Davis


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