Enviro USA Contributes to Exchange Club Family Centers in Memphis


The Exchange Club Family Center works to break the cycle of family violence and child abuse so that children do not grow up to become child abusers. At the Family Center, children can find a safe haven to be nurtured, and parents can learn new behaviors that enable them to take better care of their children. At The Exchange Club Family Center there is help that restores the hopes and dreams of children and adults affected by child abuse, family violence, or traumatic family transitions. The Center offers programs to help both children and adults understand these behaviors and gain the support they need to cope with difficult family situations. Each of these programs improves life skills, helping children and adults learn to modify behaviors, improve self-esteem and deal with anger.

The President of Enviro USA, David Merritt and his wife Carole, attended the most recent “Hands of Hope” Auction event hosted by the Exchange Club Family Center.  This fundraiser is well attended every year by mayors, senators, state and national representatives, along with many business leaders.  The evening centers around good music, food, and most of all auctioning the gifts from various artists, businesses, and philanthropists from around the region.

The monies generated allow the Exchange Club Family Center to effect positive change in people’s lives today, and for generations to come.  Enviro USA is very pleased to have been associated for over 15 years with such a fine organization and are grateful for the opportunity to support them in any way we may.  We encourage all those who can to offer their support as well.

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The director of Exchange Club Family Center, Barbara King, accepts award for outstanding service to the Memphis community.



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