The Waves of the Sales Cycle

Each sales cycle holds a wave of oncoming demands that your sales team needs to be prepared for with precise planning and research before that wave hits.

This quarter our sales team had the honor of learning from several marketing experts and entrepreneurs who excel with various sales strategy initiatives and decades of experience in marketing. One such marketing expert is Terry Sullivan MBA.  Yesterday, Terry at BUZZPRO was able to paint a clear understanding of the broad abilities that LINKEDIN can offer our marketing department in the modern age of social media.  He also pointed out rookie mistakes that can easily limit your return from the start with one small click in the wrong direction.

Over the past few months our sales team has had the honor of speaking with many leaders in the web design field as well as experts in the search engine optimization field. We have learned a great deal about the step by step process towards uniformity in branding and the importance of a well designed web site on the back end which is born through one precisely designed line of code at a time. By first laying the groundwork for a correctly coded web site you can then set the stage for an undeniable increase of the online traffic.  Through Google Analytics for your company web page you will have a very important tool in fully understanding the prospecting cycles that are occurring in real time. Just a  few strategic marketing tools towards the long road of sales success include the following: online videos, blogs and strategic landing pages.

As the Business Development Administrator I focus on one very important question: “Who is our target audience?” With clients from retail to distribution to post-construction the answer to that key question will often fluctuate.  Am I facilitating a national RFP event or am I facilitating a bid walk for a single distribution hub in one single city?  This will help determine the correct target audience for our next sales cycle.

The Google algorithms that determine your set value are asking that very same question when you think about it. They are analyzing the data in the same pattern and looking for key words and phrases that will rank you as the most important supplier or the least important supplier for a determined good and or service. I too search for key words based on my target audience. I set certain predetermined parameters for that sales goal and that audience on the front end. My follow up is based on the data retrieved in the last quarter and the demand from that prospect which will often give you an exact timeline to follow up.  Usually that call to action is generally triggered with intervals within the RFP cycles that fluctuate every 2 to 5 years for the national RFP events. Being able to anticipate the upcoming events is key.

Sales indeed has a definite rhythm determined by a predictable sales

The Waves of a Sales Cycle

The Waves of a Sales Cycle

cycle.  Anticipation of the sales cycle is key to the optimization of your sales force.

Best Regards,

Aimee Pugh

Business Development Administrator Enviro USA


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