How to Think Like a Business Developer

Fighting for Customers

Fighting for Customers

As the Business Developer at a Facility Service Company it is my job to research prospects, locate the contact within the organization, locate a specific facility service need,  locate the contract renewal date and facilitate a meeting to bid on the contract before that renewal date.

I try to stay focused on a few key questions that apply:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. When do they need my services?
  3. Why is my competition failing to meet their needs?
  4. What can we offer the prospect that the competition does not?
  5. What are the core values of that organization?

One example of a core value for a current client might be that they are implementing a single stream recycling process across North America. How can we assist them with these new requirements and offer a smooth transition during the implementation process? How quickly can our assets in each state be trained while also keeping the quality control at the level that we expect from our teams in each state?

One example of what we can offer the prospect is the ROI. Efficiency is always in the forefront of my mind when we review the current workload and the level of supervision at any facility. Is that team leader using a check list at the end of every shift to ensure quality control? Accountability matters.  Do they maintain the equipment on a standard schedule in order to ensure quality control and prevent missed dates of service? These are what I look at when I touch base with a prospect and discuss the current level of service that they are receiving from the competition. How can Enviro USA  offer the prospect a better ROI?

One example of proper management comes down to timing and looking ahead. One example of the facility services that are random and should often be moved into a quarterly rotation are floor work services. Does the prospect use quality control fail safes to improve any service outside the standard scope of work? They should require signed work tickets for all tag work outside the standard Scope of Work. Accountability is the greatest gift that each team leader can give themselves and the client.

One example of who my target audience could be is a Senior Procurement Director for a larger corporation. Often these Senior Procurement Directors will have teams under them that sift through many bids and rule them out one by one. These Procurement teams often will issue the RFP through portal events by invitation only. Only after given the codes and registering Enviro USA and then qualifying our company as a Preferred Vendor Partner or Preferred Supplier can we even be invited to these portal bids.

This takes a great deal of my time to upload our Bond, our Certificate of Insurance and type in all of our officer’s contact information. Each portal registration requires diligent monitoring as to not miss the next deadline.  You must follow up to ensure that your bid is in the correct format. If the format is Excel and you sent the bid in Word all of your hard work and weeks of work loading will have been in vain. Your bid will be disqualified before it gets to the Senior Director of Procurement. The details matter and that is why you must follow up to ensure that you are compliant with the requirements for that bid.

I hope that paints a better understanding of the sales process that goes into acquiring a single contract for one facility at a time. So if you have any questions or you might like a FREE QUOTE for services please feel free to contact Enviro USA today.

Best Regards,

Aimee Pugh

Business Developer

Contact Enviro USA


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